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Road Trip Part One

Photo of Montana open road by Alysha Christine PhotographyPennsylvania to Washington

Whew, so we made it to Washington State. The whole time we’ve been planning the move the trip has had a sort of natural split into a few parts: the stretch from Pennsylvania to Washington, and the stretch of arriving to Washington then to NZ for a few weeks and back to Washington again. So now that we have part one in our rear view mirror I thought it would be fun to share more about our journey out here! I’ve already shared a bit about the first part of this stretch but just to recap so nobody is left wondering how we made it from PA to Asheville, we spent a few days in Richmond and Pinehurst visiting Caleb’s family before heading to western NC. I’ll be sharing more about our highlights from each of the places we visited up until the national parks, I want each of the parks to get their own blog post so I can share all the images!


We had a super fun time hanging out with two sweet friends Carolyn and Jake in Asheville at the start of our trip! We had an awesome time shooting in the Blue Ridge Mountains and checking out some local restaurants. Not going to lie – Asheville has some tasty food! If you’re ever in the area, be sure to check out Sunny Point Cafe, it’s a super fun local place. They also introduced us to a fun chain we don’t have in the northeast called Bartaco. And you guys KNOW tacos are my love language so this was obviously a fan favorite for me. PS – keep an eye out for my shoots with these two! I’ve already posted a preview and can’t wait to blog the whole thing!


Obviously we had to try some authentic southern BBQ and it did not disappoint! This was a quick stop for us because we spent the better part of a week driving 9 hour days and then stopping to sleep at airbnbs, only to wake up and drive another 9 hour day. But our brief time in Memphis was fun and it’s already on our list to visit again!

Oklahoma City

This was another brief visit but pretty fun! We spent our 9 hour days pretty consistently each day so our daily rituals were in a pretty good rhythm by the time we hit Oklahoma City. We woke up, packed our overnight bags back into the car, stopped for gas & ice to restock our cooler of food, and ate some kind of quick breakfast in the car (usually powdered donuts or pop tarts because they’re super awesome road trip food). Lunch each day happened whenever we stopped for gas and a stretch break in the afternoon. We made sandwiches out of our cooler food at whatever gas station we stopped at and usually ate lunch standing after having spent the whole morning sitting in the car. I know this isn’t the most glamorous part of our trip but it’s real life and that’s always what I aim to share. It’s so easy to see people traveling and assume it’s all so magical, and some parts are magical, but the mundane stuff matters too and that’s genuinely what the first few days of our trip were like.

Colorado Springs

This was actually a really fun day because we managed to hit four states during this part of the stretch! It was crazy to see the terrain change so much throughout our drive but gave us so much appreciation for how diverse each state truly is. After such a long drive we were super grateful for some much needed sleep before heading to Riverton.

Riverton, WY

This was our last airbnb stop before hitting the national parks. I feel like I blinked and our time in Riverton was over but it was super productive. We packed our cooler full of food and planned out our route a little more so we could make the best use of our time in Grand Teton, Yellowstone and Glacier.

All for now! Currently wrapping this blog post up from our airbnb in Kenmore, Washington and already excited to write the next few.

Alysha Christine Photography is a Seattle wedding photographer based out of Washington State

I’m an adventurous wedding photographer living in Washington State after 3 months of living the nomadic life on the road, which is where we currently call home! Before we cozy down in our new home in Washington State, my fiancé Caleb and I are soaking up the beauty of the PNW and are currently booking for the 2017/2018 wedding seasons.


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