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Photo of Alysha Christine in the winter

How I Spend My Winter Months

Ahh winter months, they’re all kinds of wonderful. The majority of weddings take place between April and November, meaning I have from December through March each year to soak up all the

Photo from a lifestyle maternity session by Alysha Christine Photography

Cozy In Home Lifestyle Photographer

A Few Thoughts on Lifestyle Sessions I’d say 95% of what I shoot is outdoors, but lifestyle sessions are kind of MY JAM! I’ve actually been wanting to shoot a lifestyle session for the

Photo of Hurricane Ridge by Alysha Christine Photography

Growing My Business Ended Up Growing Me Instead

My 50th Blog Post So cool news, this is actually my 50th blog post since my new website & blog launch last April, whew! I write about 300 words per post…meaning I’ve written a

Photo of an Ona Leather Bag at Diablo Lake by Alysha Christine Photography

My Ona Bag

An Ona Bag Named Wilson The story of my Ona bag being called “Wilson” started off as an inside joke and just kind of stuck. My old camera bag was literally falling apart and I’d