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Couple celebrates wedding anniversary at Mt Index by Alysha Christine Photography

Mt Index Wedding Anniversary

Kelsey and Wes Location: Mt Index and Skykomish River Kelsey and Wes are the only people I knew going into my last trip to Washington. It is super intimidating to fly across the country to work with

Photo of couple celebrating wedding anniversary at Diablo Lake by Alysha Christine Photography.

Diablo Lake Wedding Anniversary

Chance and Brittani Location: Diablo Lake, North Cascades National Park, Washington State I am completely in love with this Diablo Lake wedding anniversary session! I posted travel dates a few weeks

Photo of couple celebrating their wedding anniversary at Hershey Gardens by Alysha Christine Photography

Hershey Gardens Wedding Anniversary

Brandon and Ange Location: Hershey Gardens, PA To anyone who has ever complimented my hair, all props go to the lovely Ange! She is an incredibly talented stylist and has been doing my hair for the

Photo of young lady at Discovery Park by Alysha Christine Photography

Discovery Park Photographer

Jeanette Location: Discovery Park, WA After months of planning, Jeanette and I finally got to meet on the morning of this shoot! What an absolute sweetheart. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, but