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Photo of the North Cascades by Alysha Christine Photography

June Monthly Wrap-up

June Highlights Welcome to a new blog post series that will serve as a fun wrap-up at the end of each month! SO much has been happening around here that I started to feel like a highlights post each

Photo of Alysha Christine a Seattle Wedding Photographer

What Does A Photographer’s Work Day Look Like?

Working From Home People tend to understand that wedding photographers, well, photograph weddings. But people have asked a few times what my weekdays look like. Weddings usually fall on a Friday,

Pennsylvania Love & Mini Session Announcement

Pennsylvania Love Can I be real with you guys for a second? We have 8 weeks left in our apartment and I’m starting to get a little sentimental over here. Pennsylvania is the place where I spent

Photo of barefoot bride and groom walking in an open field with tall grasses on their wedding by Alysha Christine Photography

Woodsy Outdoor Wedding Photographer

Brian and Emily’s Wedding I remember talking about their wedding day at Brian and Emily’s engagement session last summer. When I asked them what they were most excited for they both said