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Photo of an Ona Leather Bag at Diablo Lake by Alysha Christine Photography

My Ona Bag

An Ona Bag Named Wilson The story of my Ona bag being called “Wilson” started off as an inside joke and just kind of stuck. My old camera bag was literally falling apart and I’d

Olympic National Park Wedding Anniversary Photos

Megan & Rick A few months ago I wrote a blog post and I shared some of the highlights from my last road trip through Washington. I made a stop on the Olympic Peninsula in September to see my

Mentor Sessions

Mentor Sessions Winter is typically considered to be “off season” for many wedding photographers because there are fewer weddings over the winter season. The down time is often much

Budget Savvy Traveling

A few months ago I shared my thoughts on how to get the most out of traveling. The tricky thing about traveling is that it’s quite a bit of work and tends to be on the pricy side.