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Photo of a Mt Rainier Wedding Shoot in Washington State by Alysha Christine Photography

Thoughts on Being Grateful

Maybe I’m just in the Thanksgiving spirit, but I’ve been feeling so much gratitude in my heart lately. We still have a few weeks until the year is over but this has been a good year all

Photo of the Olympic National Park by professional photographer Alysha Christine Photography

The Perks of Being a Professional Photographer

Being a Professional Photographer I’ve written in previous posts about how much goes into the behind the scenes of running a full time business as a wedding photographer. It’s a lot of

Engagement photo of couple at Lake Cushman by Alysha Christine Photography

Lake Cushman Engagement Photos

Arron & Diana Location: Lake Cushman You know how people say it’s a small world? Well my friends, it truly is. Diana grew up in my hometown in Pennsylvania and knows two of my previous

Beautiful beach in Washington State

Travel Tips: Getting Started

I have been excited about this blog post for a while! I’ve been wanting to share some travel tips lately and decided to keep this topic in mind while I was on the road a few weeks ago.