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I always want to be as transparent as possible, and pricing is no exception. Just keeping it real with you, my pricing is where it's at because I know how much I need to make to cover business taxes & expenses, pay my rent, eat yum food (and ya girl loves food), and occasionally splurge on a trip or something extra special for my fella. I've hustled my face off for 9 years to grow and give my clients that next level experience by keeping the process smooth and relaxed & deliver very full, gorgeous galleries that are consistent with my cost point in the industry.

Which leads me to my favorite part...

I made brief mention on my About page that philanthropy and social entrepreneurialism are becoming a big part of my life and the future I am working toward. They are my big picture goals and I have been exploring ways to incorporate them into my business as a wedding photographer. When I first started playing around with the idea, I was like...girlfriend, you trying to do what now? With a wedding business? DAMN STRAIGHT SISTA. Because my vision for accomplishing these big goals is clearer than ever. I would LOVE like....10 years from now to be a heavy-hitter in the world of social entrepreneurship, and I am planting the seeds for these things now, in whatever small but meaningful way I can try to affect change and positivity. 

People have always asked me why weddings, and I finally, at age 27, have an answer. Although it's really more accurate to say "how weddings" not why weddings. It's HOW weddings allow me to use what I enjoy to fund work I believe in. It’s not the answer I think many would expect to hear in the wedding industry where there's lots of lovey dovey lines about art and inspiration and love, but it’s the truest answer I could ever give you. 

So back to some new ways I will be integrating philanthropy into my business model. I have never really emphasized selling prints & albums (although they’re amazing so I'm not sure what took me so long). They've always been available to my clients via their gallery but not something I ever really pushed to grow. Because my needs are met with what I make from my wedding packages, I'm able to donate 100% of album & print profits to animal sanctuaries and animal rights causes very near and dear to my vegan heart. I cannot wait to continue growing this aspect of my business and eventually broaden this to other aspects of my life and future business endeavors. I will always remain an open book about this so feel free to reach out if you have any questions at all!! :) 

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